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Ciaran Healy talks about the philosophy of science

Ciaran Healy talks about the philosophy of science

The Philosophy Of Science – best understood as a kind of unsolved crime, but instead of a crime you have the most incredible and unprecedented advanced in understanding. But like an unsolved crime, nobody has yet accounted for why it happened, or how it happened. The philosophy of science means you undertake that investigation. Some real advances have been made – Karl Popper made the biggest breakthroughs, which are simple enough at heart.

Simple, but insufficient. Popper’s mechanism does not account for the finely detailed accuracy that science generates. We’re looking for something else, something contained inside falsification that Popper didn’t see. So let’s look at accuracy in a different domain – skill. The process of developing that finesse, that accuracy, is the process of non-random failure, and this is what Popper missed. When you try something new and fail, the way in which you fail cannot be predicted by you, and is not random.

Here Ciaran Healy explain his philosophy