Jazz_X: 26.05.19 w/Debra Richards (UK)

Jazz_X: 26.05.19 w/Debra Richards (UK)

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Jazz_X: 26.05.19 w/Debra Richards (UK)
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Debra Richards: "Listen to an interview with District Five. I made their 'Unreleased Tape' my album of the month. "

1. Chiminyo: 'Kandy Lanz' (EP - I Am Chiminyo)
2. Kokoroko: 'Adwa' (album - Kokoroko)
3. Marie Kruttli: 'Running After the Sun' (album - Running After the Sun)
4. VEIN: 'Passacaglia' (album - Symphonic Bop)
5. District Five: 'Track 6' / 'Track 3' / 'Track 1' (album - Unreleased Tape)
tracks played underneath and around the interview.
6. Ruth Goller: 'M1' (unreleased)
7. You: 'I Dreamt of a Quadrangular Stone' (album - Isles)
8. Antoine Plerre Urbex: 'Dreams Of Sand And Snow (and the horse-sized cat)'
(album - Sketches of Nowhere)
9. Empirical: 'Substrate' (EP - Distraction Tactics EP)
10. Comet is Coming featuring Kate Tempest: 'Blood of the Past'
(album - Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery)
11. Kompost 3: 'Mute' (EP - MeM)
12. Mopcut: 'Aquamarine' (album – Accelerated Frames of Reference)


Playing tracks by Chiminyo and The Comet Is Coming.