Radio Plato - Editorial Podcast #099 w/ Dadalog

Radio Plato - Editorial Podcast #099 w/ Dadalog

2 years ago
Radio Plato - Editorial Podcast #099 w/ Dadalog
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In the 99th Editorial Podcast we have Daria Akhrameika and Daria Golubyh, who are responsible for Dadalog – the cultural magazine about modern art and youth culture in Belarus. For the last two years (not the easiest times for Belarus) it covered a wide variety of topics: from jazz at the Philharmonic to raves in the art gallery, from exhibitions of contemporary photography to poetry evenings. Meanwhile, the team managed to launch their podcast as well as release two print issues. And before the chimes of 2022, the project announced its closure.

Therefore, it was especially important for us to talk to the girls at this time. We talked about how the project started, how they managed to gather a great team with enthusiasm and why you can't dance on poles in trams. Enjoy your listening!