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First Century Words for Twenty-First Century Believers

First Century Words for Twenty-First Century Believers

Dr. Robin Gould joined Dr. Deb and Kisha to discuss her latest BEKY Book, First Century Words Revealed to Twenty-First Century Believers: Analyzing the Dietary Laws. This installment marks the third in a trilogy of books that Dr. Gould has written on this vital topic. The other two volumes cover controversial New Covenant passages from Colossians 2 and Peters Vision in Acts 10. First Century Words examines the remaining verses and passages in the Newer Testament that are used to say that Abba’s laws in Leviticus 11 have been abrogated.

We had a lot of fun on the program with Dr. Gould discussing human nature’s attachment to food, and how this can be either good or bad. We all must eat to live. Does the Creator have parameters set in place so that we can make eating a holy act? How do intimacy and worship relate to food? What about family and friends that don’t (yet) understand your devotion to keeping YHWH’s instructions regarding food? Listen to find out.

Dr. Gould's Website: New Co