Radio Eclectus #29: Radical new music (Jan. 30, 2020)

Radio Eclectus #29: Radical new music (Jan. 30, 2020)

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Radio Eclectus #29: Radical new music (Jan. 30, 2020)

Radical new music from around the world. Improv from Chi & NYC, dark ambient from Zürich, fixed media from Seattle, postminimalist from Texas, Asian-American chamber music, Michael Gordon’s cello fuzz (via Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood), Hans Abrahamsen’s piano concerto, & astringent discourses from Europe, Uruguay & the US. Plus celebrate the 60th BD of George Benjamin, the 75th of Noah Creshevsky, and the 80th of video pioneer (& violinist) Steina Vasulka.

Photos: St Celfer by Marcus Leoni, Michael Gordon by Peter Serling, Dave Phillips by Mei Zhiyong, Jennifer Jolley by Elizabeth Glenn, Ben LaMar Gay by Oliver Abels, Chen Yi by Kuandi Photos, Noah Creshevsky via the artist, Naked City (Horvitz, Zorn, Baron, Frisell, Frith) via Wikipedia, Osvaldo Colluccino via the artist, Chinary Ung via UCSD, Tyshawn Sorey by Steven Pisano, Steina Vasulka via the artist. Also featured: Jennifer Curtis, S. Eric Scribner, James Ilgenfritz, Coriún Aharonián, Roberto Fabbriciani, Alexandre Tharaud.


Playing tracks by Ben Lamar Gay, Jennifer Curtis, Tyshawn Sorey, Naked City, John Zorn, S. Eric Scribner, St Celfer and more.

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Nice to hear Steina Vasulka! Is this the only recording of her actually playing violin?

Radio Eclectus

There's something called Hyena Days which she recorded with Michael Saup on an obscure Dutch compilation CD called The Great New World In Environment And Acceleration. We'll try to play Steina's contributions from that some time!

Radio Eclectus

Annotated playlist for show #29

[0:00] Intro and SET 1: North America
1. [1:52] Ben Lamar Gay: They Done Left You. From East of the Ryan (International Anthem, 2019) with Tommaso Moretti, JayVe Montgomery, Ed Bornstein, and Ben LaMar Gay. NOTE: Recorded 2014
2. [9:07] Jennifer Curtis, Tyshawn Sorey: Invisible Ritual - II (Tundra/New Focus, 2020) with JC (violin), TS (drums, percussion)
3. [17:31] Naked City: Razorwire. From Radio (1992, remastered 2005 as Naked City: The Complete Studio Recordings, Tzadik) with John Zorn (leader/alto saxophone), Wayne Horvitz (keyboards), Bill Frisell (guitar), Fred Frith (bass), Joey Baron (drums)
4. [23:02] S. Eric Scribner: Wind Over Water. From SoundScrolls (Right Brain Records, 2019) with Virginia Ware Landgraf (khene), SES (prepared piano)
5. [27:55] St Celfer: Divertimento. From Suite #2 (Bandcamp, 2019)
6. [29:02] Jennifer Jolley: Flight 710 to Cabo San Lucas. From Etereo: New Music for Flute (Navona, 2020) with Leviathan Trio: Lindsey Goodman (flute), Hannah Pressley (cello), Joseph Dangerfield (piano)

[38:04] SET 2: New Abrahamsen and Ung
1. [41:45] Hans Abrahamsen: Left, alone. From Pesson, Abrahamsen, Strasnoy: Piano concertos (Erato, 2020) with Alexandre Tharaud (piano), Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Yannick Nézet-Séguin (conductor). NOTE: Review of Seattle premiere of Abrahamsen's Schnee at Seattle Symphony's [untitled] in 2018 is at
2. [58:56] Chinary Ung: Singing Inside Aura. From Chinary Ung Volume 4: Space Between Heaven and Earth (Bridge, 2020) with Susan Ung (singing violist), Curtis Macomber (violin), Michael Lipsey (percussion), Patricia Spencer (flute), Blair McMillen (piano), Nicholas Terry (percussion), Meighan Stoops (clarinet), James Wilson (cello), James Baker (conductor). NOTE: Composed 2013

[1:13:28] SET 3: Birthdays
1. [1:16:20] Steina Vasulka with Harald Bode: Vocoder and violin improvisation. From Bode Sound Project (Institute for Electronic Arts, 2005) with SV (violin), HB (vocoder). NOTE: Undated, believed to be from the 1970s. NOTE: This hard-to-find 14-minute recording, a last-minute arrival at Radio Eclectus that is not otherwise available online at present, was excerpted in the live broadcast but is included in full here in the audio archive
2. [1:30:46] George Benjamin: Viola, Viola. From Shadowlines et al (Nimbus, 2004) with Tabea Zimmermann, Antoine Tamestit (violas). NOTE: Composed 1997
3. [1:40:46] Noah Creshevsky: Götterdämmerung. From The Twilight of the Gods (Tzadik, 2010) with Audrey Betsy Welber (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone), Heather Chriscaden Versace (vocals, bass), Alex Kontorovich (clarinet, alto saxophone), Gregg Mervine (drums), The Klez Dispensers (sampled), NC (editing)
4. [1:44:54] Stefan Prins: Hände ohne Worte for clarinet, percussion, prepared piano, cello and soundtrack. From Big Data (Wergo, 2020) featuring Decoder Ensemble

[1:57:26] SET 4: Around the world
1. [2:01:04] James Ilgenfritz: Apophenia III: The Index. From You Scream a Rapid Language (Infrequent Seams, 2019) with Jennifer Choi (violin), James Moore (guitar), Kathleen Supové (piano)
2. [2:16:21] Coriún Aharonián: ¿De qué estamos hablando? for bass clarinet, bassoon and violoncello. From Una Carta (Wergo, 2019) with Ensemble Aventure. NOTE: Composed 2006
3. [2:19:43] Chen Yi: Night Thoughts. From Jin Yin (Cedille, 2020) featuring Civitas Ensemble. NOTE: Composed 2004, arranged for piano trio 2019

[2:28:20] Voice break 4. SET 5: Dark matter
4. [2:30:50] Michael Gordon: Industry. From Volume 2: Industry, Water (Octatonic, 2019) with Oliver Coates (cello), Jonny Greenwood (effects). NOTE: Composed 1992
5. [2:42:15] Osvaldo Coluccino: Interni 6. From Interni (KAIROS, 2019) with Roberto Fabbriciani (contrabass and bass flute), Osvaldo Coluccino (electronics)
6. [2:54:07] Dave Phillips: hydrotropism heliotropism. From Post Homo Sapiens (Bandcamp, 2020)