Radio Eclectus #15: Haas, Sorey, Crispell, Crumb (Oct. 24, 2019)

Radio Eclectus #15: Haas, Sorey, Crispell, Crumb (Oct. 24, 2019)

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Radio Eclectus #15: Haas, Sorey, Crispell, Crumb (Oct. 24, 2019)

We hear Tyshawn Sorey as composer and Marilyn Crispell as bandleader before the two join together on drums and piano for their new epic album: The Adornment of Time. In between, we take our first look at the remarkable Austrian composer Georg Friedrich Haas, and celebrate the 90th birthday of George Crumb by seeing how his style evolved from Berio then continued in a straight line through his latest completed work: a 40-minute take on Pictures at an Exhibition performed by Margaret Leng Tan. Electronic music by Seattle’s St Celfer rounds out the playlist. Radical new music with cherishing commentary by Mike Schell.

Also featured: TAK ensemble, Harvey Sorgen, Joe Fonda, Christine Schadeberg, Musicians’ Accord, Speculum Musicae, Martin Lorenz, Collegium Novum Zürich, Enno Poppe. Photo credits: St Celfer by Marcus Leoni, Haas by Mollena Williams-Haas via Facebook, Crispell by Bobby Glazer, Tan by Michael Dames, Crumb by Becky Starobin/Bridge Records via Facebook, Sorey by Steven Pisano.


Playing tracks by St Celfer, Tyshawn Sorey, Marilyn Crispell Trio, Luciano Berio, George Crumb and more.

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Radio Eclectus

Audio archive and playlist for show #15.

SET 1: Sorey, Crispell and early Crumb
1. St Celfer: Impromptu. From Suite #2 (Bandcamp, 2019)
2. Tyshawn Sorey: Ornations. From Oor (Bandcamp, 2019) featuring TAK Ensemble: Laura Cocks (flutes), Carlos Cordeiro (clarinet, contrabass clarinet)
3. Marilyn Crispell Trio: Our Own Tea Leaves. From Dreamstruck (Not Two, 2018). With MC (piano), Harvey Sorgen (drums), Joe Fonda (bass)
4. Luciano Berio: Circles - 3. n(o)w. From Berio: The Great Works for Voice (Mode, 1995, remastered 2006) with Christine Schadeberg (soprano), Musicians' Accord. NOTE: Composed in 1960
5. George Crumb: Night Music I - Notturno III: La Luna Asoma. From Crumb Edition 2: Quest (Bridge, 1996) with Speculum Musicae. NOTE: Composed 1963, revised 1976
6. George Crumb: Night Music I - Notturno IV. From Crumb Edition 2: Quest (credits as above)

SET 2: Haas
1. Georg Friedrich Haas: wer, wenn ich schriee, hörte mich…. From Works for ensemble (NEOS, 2009) with Martin Lorenz (percussion), Collegium Novum Zürich. Enno Poppe. NOTE: Composed 2009

SET 3: Late Crumb
1. George Crumb: Metamorphoses, Ten Fantasy-Pieces (after celebrated paintings). From Metamorphoses, Five Pieces for Piano (Mode, 2018) with Margaret Leng Tan (amplified piano). NOTE: Composed 2015–17, recorded live at the 2017 Donaueschingen Festival

SET 4: Sorey and Crispell together
1. Tyshawn Sorey, Marilyn Crispell: The Adornment of Time (Pi Recordings, 2019). NOTE: Recorded live October 21, 2018 at The Kitchen, New York