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Episode 24: Female Body Hair with Maggie Mullen

Episode 24: Female Body Hair with Maggie Mullen

Will guys still think you're hot if you stop shaving? Does it matter? Are you a bad feminist if you shave? What if you start shaving again after a long period of not shaving? Does that mean you will get kicked out of the feminist club? Are you wrong for wanting guys to find you attractive and grooming yourself in accordance to that? Should you care what guys think of you? Is it okay to pluck your eyebrows even if you don't shave your legs or is that hypocritical?! Listen and see if you can find some answers.

Thanks for being patient on my brief hiatus, and thanks for listening. To kick of this next wave of episodes, enjoy my conversation with WPR's Maggie Mullen. We talk about her thesis on Female Body Hair in Contemporary American Culture, talk about how female pleasure isn't mentioned or discussed at all in sex ed and the media at large (or at least wasn't when we were growing up), and the male gaze when it comes to grooming habits of women.

In Defense of Female Body Hair (my piec