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The Morning Moth (68)

The Morning Moth (68)

Welcome to Psyholiriks Podcast - The Morning Moth

Lymantria dispar dispar commonly known as the gypsy moth, European gypsy moth, and North American gypsy moth, is a moth in the family Erebidae of Eurasian origin. It has a range which covers in Europe, Africa, North America.
Linnaeus first described the species Lymantria dispar in 1758. The subject of classification has changed throughout the years, resulting in confusion surrounding the species taxonomy. This caused many references to describe this one species in different ways. The family has jumped between Lymantriidae, Noctuidae and Erebidae. Lymantria dispar dispar has been designated a sub-species of Lymantria dispar,
It is classified as a pest, and its larvae consume the leaves of over 300 species of trees, shrubs and plants. The gypsy moth is one of the most destructive pests of hardwood trees in the eastern United States.

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