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Montreal, Canada

Rabih started out his musical career in India itself, the birth place of Goa Trance. After studying Audio Engineering at SAE India, he started to build a name and a following at the local party scene in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and the Mekka of Psytrance, Goa. He then moved on to bigger gigs and international recognition. His most recent move was to Montreal, but his heart lies in Lebanon, where he is widely regarded as a pillar of the Psychedelic music scene.

Psychogenesis has hosted and performed in parties all over the world, alongside names like:" Ajja, Tristan, Highko, Yab Yum, Aphid Moon, Talamasca, Laughing Buddha, E-Clip, U-recken, Zen Mechanics, Arjuna, EVP, CPU, Neuromotor, Daksinamurti, Brainwash, Tryambaka, B-Psycho, Nomad 25, Twisted kala and many others..."

Rabih believes in the ‘moment’ and his playing style compliments the moment. He finds shelter in the darkness, and has made peace with the monsters of the night… High Energy Twilight & Night full on Psytrance!!