PSY'AVIAH's "EclectriCast" #013

PSY'AVIAH's "EclectriCast" #013

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PSY'AVIAH's "EclectriCast" #013

📻 Ladies & gentlemen, here are the stars of The Eclectricast episode #013: COVENANT (greater than the sun), DAAN (sons of grey), 808DOTPOP (the white tone of lamps - halogen), WeAreShelter (electronica), BOW EVER DOWN (lost in the woods), RÖYKSOPP (this must be it), PISTON DAMP & COMPUTORGIRL (don't), PLANETDAMAGE (hi rez lo life), VIVE LA FÊTE (je ne veux pas), PARAGON CAUSE (lies between us), SELAH SUE (feel), LOVE X STEREO (rebel dress), DISKONNEKTED (justify), FAITHLESS (tarantula).

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The #EclectriCast is a show that inhibits the Psy'Aviah philosophy of mixing all things electronic, but eclectically... Come here to discover songs from different electronica genres: from trip hop, electro punk / electro clash to ambient, synthpop, ebm, breakbeat / bigbeat / drum 'n bass and more... The name is derived from our album "Eclectric".


Playing tracks by Covenant, DAAN, 808 DOT POP, SHELTER, Bow Ever Down and more.

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    47th in the electro pop Chart

    47th in the electro pop Chart