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  • 1 year ago
Mind Viruses 2- Love of the World Virus

Mind Viruses 2- Love of the World Virus

Last week we looked at your mind as a computer, and we talked about the programs running in the background as being like your subconscious. We discovered that when your subconscious controls your conscious, it can either be good forming a good habit, or destructive causing addiction.

The way you overcome addictions and bad habits is by controlling your subconscious, but you cannot do that directly, you have to change it via your conscious mind. We found that addictions and bad habits can be overcome, and good habits can be formed, by the conscious choices we make. It all starts it’s a decision.

But like many computer programs, our mind can also be affected by viruses. So what is a virus and how does it affect us.


Computer viruses are named after medical viruses, and we all have experienced something of these. Viruses are not bacteria, but are far more sinister and harder [...]