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Pryant and Bat: Prodcast Hourn Ep 13: 830 KDAC

Pryant and Bat: Prodcast Hourn Ep 13: 830 KDAC

After a fleeting stint with NPR affiliate DPR, Pryant and Bat have found a new home in conservative talk radio station AM830 KDAC: Free Talk and Free Minds. Join Pryant “The Working Man” Williams—a.k.a. “The Fist”—as he takes on not only the lib-tard nanny state control freaks, but his own co-host, liberal counterpoint Bat “The Rat” DeLaney. Unfortunately, semi-permanent guest Owen Schumacher could not make the show, and in his stead is trusted American and famed talk show host “The Strength” Harvey Hoffman.

On today’s show, Pryant and Bat read infuriating headlines from the lamestream media, as well as many late-breaking items from Bat’s close Pentagon sources. Additionally, “The Strength” takes on talk radio’s phony competition, the cigar-chomping Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, nothing but a potato-eating mick. At the bottom of the hour, Pryant and Bat talk to author and ex-CIA agent Francis Urbini about his upcoming book, “Infected: America’s Dire Diagnosis of the Liberal Pathogen