Properly Chilled Podcast #92: Female Vocalists Edition

Properly Chilled Podcast #92: Female Vocalists Edition

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Properly Chilled Podcast #92: Female Vocalists Edition
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Properly Chilled

This episode began with a simple goal: Use only songs with female vocalists. As each new song was discovered, the list grew until in the end, a typical two hour mix wasn't enough. Even the resulting three hours didn't allow enough time to include all the songs I wanted to. Throughout the selections you'll hear the typically wide range of cultural influences that make up every Properly Chilled podcast, however this one went in unique directions, that in a way reflect the kind of music which for me, formed an influential foundation. I hope you enjoy it.
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Playing tracks by Properly Chilled, Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Bárbaro, Mobius Collective, Atropolis, The Rub and more.


Trevor Dunshea

simply magic...easy listening...keeps the heart in tune and vibrant

George MC

I Just wanted to say you have touched so many lives in London with your podcasts and you have to keep them going! WE hang on every one! You got so many people here in to many types of are are number one!!!!

Properly Chilled

Wow, thanks George! Glad you've been liking them.

Spyros Kappa

A wide range of genres just like the range of beautiful female vocals! Make you unable to choose... but you've made through it, so good! Many favorites but the Starliner is the special one.


love'n that!


Let Me Be by HarleighBlu track is amazing!

Jennifer Nice

Super lovely!

Juliete DeAraujo -Cook

Magic <('o'<) ^( '-' )^ (>‘o’)> v( ‘.’ )v <(' .' )> <('.'<)

Charity Lorenzen

love it!