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  • 3 years ago
RI: Prime #056 - We Have Cow-nadoes

RI: Prime #056 - We Have Cow-nadoes

Robber “Rolls Out” With Over $1,200 (NYP)

No Back To The Future Remake As Long As Robert Zemeckis Lives (ComicBook)

Woman Gives Birth Alone In Woods And Survives 3 Days (MIRROR)

Here’s just a little something to make you never want to go outside, in a basement...or anywhere really (Telegraph)
Native American tribes in Florida used Great White shark teeth as arrowheads. Fact

Baby sharks are called cubs. Crap.  Pups

Whale sharks lay the largest eggs of any animal on land or in the sea, with the largest on record measuring 14 inches in diameter. Fact

Since sharks are immune to cancer, their cartilage is used for treatment. This has roots dating back to early 13th century China. Crap

The first Tiger Shark pup born to hatch inside its mother's womb devours its unborn siblings until only two pups remain, one on each side of the womb. Fact

Some South Pacific islanders considered sharks to be gods and offered human sacrifices to them until as recently as the