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Women - The Keepers of Sustainability

Women - The Keepers of Sustainability

She is the first giver of food, the first protector and first teacher. Isn't it unfortunate that she has to prove her worth by imitating man? There is a deep connect between the way we perceive the role of women, our society, economics and environment. A study of this, among other insights, gives us a glimpse into a very profound teaching of Swami - The proper study of mankind in man!



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Thank you for letting me know. Have corrected it now. Guess a lot of the download links, especially for the older talks aren't working. Will fix them.

Piyu Banerjee

Superb rationale behind the evolution of womankind and the changing mindset

Meeramah Nimah Sunnasy

Really appreciated this talk. Very interesting. Thanks very much. Looking forward to the next talk

Kishore kumar p

Listened to your talk very good one, thanks for the uplifting the women values and culture, sairam.