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Budapest, Hungary

DJ Pozsi born in Budapest in 1974
member of the Children’s Choir of the Hungarian National Radio and took piano and clarinet lessons, swaps the piano for turntables, and founds Bassomatic Rockers with his friend Basic
Bassomatic Rockers was one of the first Hungarian hip-hop acts
1992 -Pozsi and Basic made it to the finals of the Hungarian DMC championship
2000 -Pozsi, Hotta and Andrew J (as X-PHAders) won the Hungarian DMC they teamed up performance for the DMC World Championship
2001 -Pozsi been invited to perform his Scratch and Bass set at the SXSW, Austin, Texas
2002 -Pozsi was the DJ host of the Pepsi’s talent scout project.
2004 -Pozsi was involved in Heineken’s DJ contest
2006 -Pozsi and Basic made the music for the Hungarian National Television’s station ID’s
the special folk vibes they’ve created been inspired by Hungarian folk music and the works of Pozsi’s folk singer mother, who also collaborated in the project..