Antipatterns - 2013-11-13

Antipatterns - 2013-11-13

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Antipatterns - 2013-11-13
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Indonesian experimental folk; Brisbane hardcore; Japanese psychedelic fusion. Unknown post-punk-ish rock music; Classic no-wave. Short form punk; Swiss folk rockabilly punk. A very nasty gritty incarnation of The Fall. Classic proto-punk rock (a personal anthem). Drum and bass Doom meditation. Doom. Noisy+beats+electro. Christian hippies; genre mash freakout. Hip hop; party hip hop; spiritual hip hop. Free jazz; spiritual guitar jazz. A series of modern explorations of the guitar sound. Abstract folk; African fusion.


Playing tracks by Rully Shabara & Wukir Suryadi, Teargas, Hanadensha, Throat of the fish, Mars and more.