Antipatterns - 2013-10-23

Antipatterns - 2013-10-23

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Antipatterns - 2013-10-23
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Free jazz and improv. Moody sampling and electronics. Fusion. Psychedelia and murky psychedelic rock. Noisy electronic drone. Stunning guitar and percussion duo. Saharan pop. Psychedelic scuzz. Doom rock then math rock. Gutter blues. The Trashies sounding somewhat like the Monks. Psychedelic madness; abstract guitar boogie-woogie. Spoken word; lo-fi triphop. Folk psych. Ambient electronics. Clockwork rhythms. A pair of bizarre pop groups from a pair of guitar legends. Funk; Rai. Plunderphonic madness. Ambient drone.


Playing tracks by Sunny Murray,John Edwards,Tony Bevan, Jack Wright, Spring Heel Jack / The Blue Series Continuum, David Shea, Soft Machine and more.