Artist Talk by Nicolas Sassoon

Artist Talk by Nicolas Sassoon

7 years ago
Artist Talk by Nicolas Sassoon

Nicolas Sassoon’s talk was organized by the Post Image Cluster with the generous support of Hexagram and the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology.

Nicolas Sassoon makes use of early computer imaging techniques to render visions of architectures, landscapes and natural forces. Sassoon’s practice translates ideas of materiality and immateriality into digital animations, installations, prints, and sculptures. His work explores the contemplative and projective dimensions of screen-based space, and how the digital image can express dimensions of the physical realm. While most of his output is published online, Sassoon also materializes his web-based practice into a wide range of Medias. His visual research often leads him to engage in cross-disciplinary projects in the fields of architecture, electronic music, textiles, and art.