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Jonnie Austen

North Shore, United States

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i'm pretty uncomplicated. i'm happy and content enjoying the simple life. for starters i live in hawaii, what cud b better than that? i live in town within skate distance of the beach so i get 2 surf and skate whenever i want. my life's perfect jus' tha way it is. i'm launching my streetwear biz in the summer of 2012. designing streetwear is my creative passion. my needs are simple really - i surf, i skate, i design streetwear, i travel 'n go clubbing. i don't need alot of material stuff 2 make me happy. money 2 me is simply a tool i use 2 get stuff done or buy stuff i love like new surfboards, skateboards and clothes. i use the money i make from my business to invest back into growing my biz, giving back to help my people (the hawaiians), my country (hawai`i) and the planet (earth) and have a comfortable place to chill, the ability to travel and make my friends happy. that's it, that's all you rilly need 2 know about me.