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Biosemiotics - a mixtape of talks, field, experimentation - BioSignals #6

Biosemiotics - a mixtape of talks, field, experimentation - BioSignals #6

Final event related to the BioSignals programme, produced by Pixelache Helsinki during 2018-2019.

The mixtape is compiled and composed from audio materials recorded or curated during the BioSignals networked events and field-recordings, and archived on this same account:

Commissioned by Pixelache producers Andrew Gryf Paterson and Mikko Lipiäinen, to hightlight the potential of making audio archives of both recordings of humans and non-human biosignals available with commons-orientated licenses, so that they can be creatively used and remixed to make new audio works that offer creativity, poetics and discursive insight in non-scientific formats.

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poemproducer aka AGF

tracklist but not in order

Andrew Paterson - intro to biosignals helsinki broadcast
Krista Dintere - purva-radio-MpLab
Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar de Carmen - BioSignal Interview
Interspecifics 2015 - Non-Human-Rhythms
Sonicwilderness group Liepaja - workshop performance pieces
BioSignals - Berlin_Internal-meeting_1_intro
BioSignals - Whistler Waves NASA
Juan Duarte Regino 2018 - aeolian artefacts
Pedro Soler_- remote-contribution to biosignals event
Martinka-Bobrikova-&-Oscar-de-Carmen - Afterlife
Samir Bhomik - The Battery is the Message
Juan Duarte Regino - Kite Pollannokka 2015 Hailuoto
interspecifics - non-human-orchestra_first-part
SonicWilderness - Liepaja-workshop-led-by-Antye-Greie-Ripatti
Laura Beloff - Interview on Biosemiotics at Virtsu
Sarah Hermanutz and Nenad Popov — audio-visual-performance
AGF Umwelt_xk.aif
Sonicwilderness group Liepaja - ConreteSession1_DRY
Sonicwilderness group Liepaja - OLGA’s piece WHATEVERMILL
Sonicwilderness group Liepaja - SCREAM
Sonicwilderness group Liepaja - KATE’s Session
Sonicwilderness group Liepaja - Klangwildnis
AARO - Coastal NOISE
Andrews hydrophe recordings in Liepaja
Mikko Lipiainen - Brazilian protest in Berlin
AGF - electri solid_dicity
AGF - Fieldrecording_6am baqura mountain Bali 2018
AGF - MyzelImpro
AGF - FUNGI 1710
AGF - poemproducer overdub
AGF - processing voices