PMS Ongoing ~ Episode Ñ: A Continent Vibrates

PMS Ongoing ~ Episode Ñ: A Continent Vibrates

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PMS Ongoing ~ Episode Ñ: A Continent Vibrates

How do you describe a ‘vibe’? What does it mean to be ‘on the same wavelength’? Do we - can we - all oscillate together, at the same time? Or does it make sense for some of us to take shifts, resting while the others commune - cavort - convivially? Ancient questions - now with contemporary answers*:

Find a José, a João, a Jobin, and a DIY “amateur euphoric sound researcher” all hailing from or pertaining back to Rio De Janeiro - either right now, or then. On top of that there’s elemental mycelia, conspiracy theories, grunge, big dick energy, DMT, folk, black metal, bass music, a goddess of the night, an ex-TEEN, and some softly-softly bookends.

*The Copa America’s Portuguese motto ‘Vibra O Continente’ can be roughly translated as ‘rocking the continent’, and while it takes no time or nouse to extrapolate on that phrase's available rn double meanings there is a pronounced and co-incidental Brasilian current running through this slightly-delayed Ongoing Mix.

**Um Continiente Vibra!


Playing tracks by Dau, Shygirl feat. slowthai, Shrapnel, Antônio Carlos ‘Tom’ Jobim & Billy Blanco, Meril Wubslin and more.