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Today on Conservative Chat radio you will hear Host after Host vociferate against Islam, Democrats, "liberals" in general and Obama and Clinton in specific. It's formulaic and predictable, because corporate Chat Radio believes that anger, like sex, is what sells to older white (mostly) male audiences who (as I was once told) are alone, angry and want to hear that somebody agrees with exactly what they think. Meanwhile Leftist Chat shows will tell us that the attacker was "not a Muslim," and it was "out own fault" for the war in Afghanistan anyway.

It's depressing.

Critical thought? Actual discussion? Disagreement without yelling? No place for that here.

Back in the day, I was ever so proud of what John and I had become with our show. It was closely - at least as closely as I was able to do - modeled after my own favorite radio show, The Steve Czaban Show, which is a Sports Talk Show that (see if this sounds familiar) has a life outside of just sports. John and I were a conservative