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  • 2 years ago
A Touch of Pnuemonia

A Touch of Pnuemonia

Hillary's doctor claims that she has pneumonia, which led to her "medical episode" at the 9-11 Memorial

over the weekend. Every single medical professional that I personally have asked about it has scoffed at the idea. Granted, that's not a lot of people, but something tells me that there is more to this than pneumonia.

Why does it matter?

Soon - if not already - the memes will begin about how this all a plot to allow Obama to remain in office past January of next year. To maintain order, you see. There will be AHT's* and whispers about how he ordered the DOJ not to indict her because he knew all about this and that she wouldn't last long. So get her elected, poof she's incapacitated and - voilà! - he gets to stay President!

Mind you now, there isn't one shred of evidence of this, not even a hint. The logic path you'd have to follow to believe it is strewn with confirmation bias and fallacies that would make Alex Jones' head spin. Believe me, there are already people out there who