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  • 5 years ago
Mental Photosynthesis

Mental Photosynthesis

Imagination is something we all have and through life its a very essential part of life.
Some do not use their imagination as much as others, and lose out on its benafit to the way they see and experience their journey through life. This is a wake up call for those who know they are missing out and want to see how others may see the world.
Rather than for what we see everyday, the lands of imagination are much brighter and vast in shapes and colors
Let this be an entrance to the world you seek

Tracklist :
1. Kykeon - Zebrawalking
2. Select Project - Spectral Energy
3. Mk-Ultra -Tranzendentrix
4. Psy4tecks - Seeds
5. Parandroid vs. Baphomet Engine - Vibrations
6. Smoking Shiva - Fears in the Forest
7. Metaform and Pastor John - Beyond The Infinite
8. Drumatik - Alien Rebellion
9. Loose Connection - Electric Soup
10. Cosmic Iron - Sprint
11. Satori - Prototype
12. Agknotech - the Alien
13. Agknotech - Another dimention
14. Plasma Force - Fungusdelic


Psytuga-Paulo Santos

Thats what im talking about :)....


;) Welcome Bro :) Good Track for this

Thanks for making it :)

Smoking Shiva

wow smoking shiva hehehe...thanks bro...cheers

Psytuga-Paulo Santos

Great line....