Corey Koehler

Minnesota City, United States

Do you listen to rock, country, blues, folk, hip hop, and all points in between?

Do you just like music variety and old-school DJ commentary?

Then you'll love listening to my shows.

I'm Corey Koehler, a GenX Singer-Songwriter, Podcaster, and Music Junky.

In addition to writing and recording my own music, I've been creating music podcasts since 2007.

I love finding, sharing, and discussing music in various genres. Whether it's electric, acoustic, classic, new, indie, mainstream, or whatever, if its good I'll find a way to share it.

My first podcast was called the Musicgoat Melting Pot. I produced 39 episodes from 2007 to 2010ish.

In 2019 I started publishing a reboot of that podcast, the Music Melting Pot, over on Spotify.

I plan to bring all these worlds together here on Mixcloud.

So make sure you hit the follow button and keep an eye on your feed.

Oh and if you're curious about my music of the Spotify podcast click below:

Music Melting Pot Podcast

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