MidNite Summer Dreams

MidNite Summer Dreams

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MidNite Summer Dreams
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t.r.a.c.k.l.i.s.t.i.n.g :
Wendy Carlos_Beethoviana
The Android Sisters_Sss-X Minus One
Toro Y Moy_Blessa (snippet)
Yoko Ono_Dream Love
Acid Washed_Bikini Atoll
David Bowie_Art Decade
High Places_Papaya Year
Soft Rock_Black Magic
BanDJo_Space Weather
Droids_Rennaissance de l'Amour (snippet)
Devo_Jurisdiction Of Luv (EZ version)
Tropical Jeremy_Medianoche
Midnight Juggernauts_Fantastic Valleys
Space art_Love Machine
Egotrya VS Beppe Loda VS The Focus Group (snippet)
Elton John_Your Starter For
Egg_Fugue In D Minor


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