Laid Back Power

Laid Back Power

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Laid Back Power
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t.r.a.c.k.l.i.s.t.i.n.g :
The San Sebastian Strings_The Gypsy Camp (Snippet)
Lalo Schifrin_Be Happy/LUH/Society Montage/THX 1138 O.S.T (Snippet)
Macintosh Plus_て
Bob Chance_Jungle Talk
Zed_Fremen (Naum Gabo Edit)
Sonovac_We See
The Soft Pink Truth_Looking Back (Snippet)
Satanicpornocultshop_Dreams Are My Reality (Snippet)
Panda City Band_Wet Journey
Paolo Vasile_Escape
Jacques Revaux_L'Arbalète O.S.T (Get A Room ! Edit)
Giovanni Fusco_Astrale (Snippet)
Joie Noire_I Need Somebody To Love Tonight
Sam Willis_Weird Science
Ford & Lopatin_Scumsoft
Larry Gus_Figueroa Islands
Group Rhoda_Hi Rise
Chris & Cosey / Eurythmics_Sweet Surprise
Iasos_Siren Shallows (Snippet)
Yoko Ono_It's Alright


Playing tracks by Soft Pink Truth, Sam Willis, Ford & Lopatin, Group Rhoda and Chris & Cosey.