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The Science of the Avengers - Part 2

The Science of the Avengers - Part 2

We continue (and conclude) our mind-blowing series on The Science of the Avengers. This week we focused on Loki and the science of his mind control, the tesseract and how this tiny 10-dimensional cube might have hypothetically be able to provide (nearly) unlimited energy, Hawkeye's eyes, and how Black Widow and Hawkeye's brains are able to provide them with their blindingly fast reaction times. We also explain why Hawkeye is the most useless superhero ever, and how he totally had an uncle on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s board of directors.

In our quest for unlocking the mysteries of the Marvel universe, we discuss transcranial magnetic stimulation, hypercubes, Project MKULTRA (the CIA's series of mind control experiments), the cognitive neuropsychology of decision-making, amphetamines, teleportation, 10-dimensional space, muscle memory, the thermoelectric effect, and dozens of other fascinating tidbits of juicy nerd candy. Nom nom nom.