What I'd Play At... (Vol.1) Revolver Upstairs

What I'd Play At... (Vol.1) Revolver Upstairs

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What I'd Play At... (Vol.1) Revolver Upstairs
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Pedro Kuster

What I'd play at Revolver Upstairs in Melbourne. A club that reminds me a lot of the legendary Guerrila Bar at Shangri-La, Glastonbury Festival. Very few clubs and spaces manage to create such a free and inclusive atmosphere and Revolver is definitely one of them!

I first visited in January this year and fell in love straight away. In short, spaces that manage to attract all types of crowds, races and classes, programmes really well and creates an environment where almost any good music could be played to an open-minded/receptive crowd are the absolute best but so rare to find that when you do, you've just got to love and cherish such places.

I couldn't include everything I had in mind, otherwise, it would have been an endless mix but these are the tracks I imagined playing at Revolver and wanted to make sure I went right across the spectrum and not only opted for the safe and obvious. Enjoy!


Playing tracks by Foremost Poets, 10lec6, Mim Suleiman, Auntie Flo, Konono No1 and more.