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Merlin Bobb WBLS - 1988 A Highly Miss {Dance Music Musical Programmer} …

Merlin Bobb WBLS - 1988 A Highly Miss {Dance Music Musical Programmer} …

Playing tracks by

Blaze and 2 Puerto Ricans, A Blackman & A Dominican.

Merlin Bobb WBLS - 1988
A Highly Miss {Dance Music Musical Programmer} …


Joseph Milligan

i used to listen to merlin on WBLS every saturday night back in the eighties, i still have some of his mixes that i recorded back then and i still rock them....this mix is fire

GroOVeCageRadioBK (Casual)

Merlin Bobb WBLS - 1988 A Highly Miss[ed] {Dance Music Musical Programmer} …

[Tracklistings for anyone interested...Also a jog-my-memory exercise.]

01 phase II - mystery (mixed w/ "thinking of you"... remember this but forgot ID)
02 sylvester - tell me
03 ten city - devotion
04 lil louis - how i feel
05 chaka khan - any love
06 byron stingily - just a little bit [one of my absolute faves when it was released]
07 jamaica girls - somebody new
08 reese & santonio - the sound
09. black ivory - mainline
10 lisa mitchell - rescue me
[merlin bobb's blends from cuts #11 to #17 get crazy convoluted, with 3-4 tracks, i think, playing simultaneously, so please excuse me for any possible errors in this section of the tracklist.]
11 marshall jefferson - house anthem (later version w/ keyboard overdubs)
12 taravhonty - join hands
13 adonis - no way back
14 chip e - like this
15 quest - mind games
16 ??? forgot ID
17 captain rapp - bad times
18 mv ??? "... always a fool for love" [somehow still registers in my mind, however just barely]
19 jungle wonz - the jungle
20 marry me - only heard merlin & timmy spin this. I think this is a never released exclusive. Anybody knows for sure? ... i remember really wanting this track for its raw bassy vybe which was inherent in a lot of sounds DJs spun throughout the nyc/nj soulful undergound dance music scene at the time.
21 jungle wonz - time marches on
22 dope "WBLS" jingle...
22 jine - take it to the house
23 sterling void - alright [always a crazy, crazy, crazy reception for this one.. especially at climax when singers drops "and it's gonna be alr .......rrrrrrrrright, yeah...." SMOKIN!!! ]
24 cultural vibe - ma foom bey [a serious nyc/nj anthem.... the perfect track to do seriously long blends with... word! LOL]
25. blake baxter - when we used to play [a serious detroit banger that every serious nyc/nj dj had in his/her crates.]
26. ragtyme - i can't stay away [marshall jefferson and byron stingily representing chi-town once again... smoldering, DOPE ... however no where near as popular as "devotion."]
27 ralph rosario - you used to hold me [super huge in the clubs... never dug this one, though, crazy as that sounded to my dj peers, 98% of whom dug this jam.]
28 ce ce rogers - someday [HUGE!!!!! marshall and those "keys" again... LoL]
29 ??? TRACK... CRAZY at this moment I can't ID this one, DOPE and popular as this shit was, and still is.... ....HOLD UP! GOT IT!... MR FINGERS - DISTANT PLANET!!!]
30 blaze - if you should need a friend [blaze's 3rd release -- remember "yearnin'" on acebeat records was their first 12-inch release and not "whatcha gonna do for love."]
31 chip e - like this
two dominicans, a blackman and a puerto rican - do it properly [another monster jam i didn't particularly like yet still purchased. YES it was that big of a tune.]


[soon as I can I will digitize and upload a 1987 mixtape with me emulating merlin bobb's style of DJing... crazy thing on the flipside of this TDK-SA 90-min cassette, dated May 9, 1987, is a WBLS merlin bobb mix i recorded off the radio on the same day... until now, i haven't seen or played this tape in decades... I think i'll upload the merlin bobb side too... yo, right now as i write this i'm wondering how my side will sound to my ears now in 2021 as i'm digitizing it... hope i'll still want to upload it .... LOL. while speaking on cassette culture (now pretty-much long gone) i gotta say i still wish i had my earlier collection of personally recorded mixes and radio-recorded dance music mixes (mostly from WBLS and WRKS-98.7 KissFM and several independent dance music stations, now long gone, way to the left of th FM dial)... these were destroyed in a late 80s house fire... along with the first maifestation of my vinyl collection, approx. 30 crates at the time... but... music is LIFE... and music is LOVE (as the legendary josh milan says in his 2017 classic tune)... NO WAY could I LET let a fire permanently stop me from seriously getting into music again as a collector/dj/culture writer/club-goer/etc. ... (ten city's "devotion" was the first. record I purchased at brooklyn's fulton shopping mall that got me back into collecting records and back to visiting all the old spots on the regular again: vinyl mania, rock and soul, downtown records, downstairs records, etc., and flea market basements and garages all throughout brooklyn, etc... I think by this time Hi-tech with nick jones was no longer open... A cool memory while building my second record collection: one day at vinylmania manny dropping an extra record in my bag of purchases...if i recall properly it was a bootleg on green vinyl of barry white's "my sweet summer suite.") in closing let me say i am SO grateful to all with the blessings and talent to make dope-ass music of all types, eras, generations, styles, etc., etc., for all the rest of us to enjoy. And salute to DJ merlin bobb who I've always thought had superb taste in dance music... always top selections. brother would even get me open with cuts he would spin that were under the radar.


BIG PROPS to Merlin Bobb!❤️..NYC SHELTER FOREVER 😁🤪❤️❤️❤️❤️🤫




Bretherennn I have this exact mix on a cassette grandmother used to mail them to me form Brooklyn. In montreal the kids thought I was weird


Wow 🔥🔥🔥

Steve Thomas (djHasan Black

That’s right you are a Newark /tri state musical engineer !!!!

Steve Thomas (djHasan Black

Merlin bobb joe clausell mix is great all hands down

Steve Thomas (djHasan Black

This is the time club sensations was open running hard the original club sensation club docks Thursday nite official mix mr. Bobb I take my hat off to you house original radio classic dj !!!!!!

Leon Banks

Can someone send me the link to the Merlin bob mix with ...the song called such a feelin i feel in my heart today....please....