Experimenta 1999/18 (Mixmaster Morris)

Experimenta 1999/18 (Mixmaster Morris)

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Experimenta 1999/18 (Mixmaster Morris)

Experimenta on Radio Nova in Oslo, edition 1999/18.

This program featured Mixmaster Morris (The Irresistible Force) as guest and co-host, and it was his selection of records which was aired. Morris was in Oslo to DJ at the Chilluminati-evening hosted by Jazid on the 26th of May.

You can find TONS of his mixes on Mixcloud too: http://www.mixcloud.com/nubient

This program was broadcast on 28th of May, 1999.


Playing tracks by Heavy Gunz, 4 Hero, Extended Spirit, Something wonderful, Irresistible force and more.


The Global HigherGround

So many good ol'tracks! brings back a lot of memories...