Boogie On The Grill (Live 4/15/17)

Boogie On The Grill (Live 4/15/17)

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Boogie On The Grill (Live 4/15/17)
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Paul Nice

Recorded live at Soho Grand, NYC, April 15th, 2017

1. Love Has Come Around / Donald Byrd
2. So You Wanna Be a Star / Mtume
3. Street Life / Crusaders
4. Falling In Love / Surface
5. Daybreak / First Light
6. Music / One Way Featuring Al Hudson
7. Dreamin' / Greg Henderson
8. First True Love Affair (Larry Levan Mix) / Jimmy Ross
9. I Want You (All Tonight) / Curtis Hairston
10. Sure Shot (Larry Levan Mix) / Tracy Weber
11. Love Me Tonight / Attitude
12. Get On Up / Jimmy Ross
13. I'm In Love / Cela
14. She Can't Love You / Chemise
15. Beat The Street / Sharon Redd
16. Sweet Music / Panaché
17. Thousand Finger Man / Candido
18. Could Heaven Ever Be Like This / Idris Muhammad
19. Disco Illusion / Stephen Encinas
20. Get On Up (You Can Be a Star) / Chosen 2 (featuring Mazen)
21. Summer Groove / The Joneses
22. Spread Love / Al Hudson And The Soul Partners

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Playing tracks by Donald Byrd, Mtume, The Crusaders, Surface, Greg Henderson and more.

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    10th in the disco Chart


Chocolate City Funk /70s & 80s

great taste in boogie-funk !!! keep on doin'..........

Mystic Institute

Every other DJ should probably just stop spinning disco now cuz y’all ain’t coming back from this


Should defo be No 1 in the disco chart. Great selection.


Lovin' The Selection so far...........


Summer soundtrack right here. Let's roll!

Sam knight

top draw selection 👊🏻

Clifton Fris