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  • 3 years ago
The American Voice “The PC Police Mind Control”

The American Voice “The PC Police Mind Control”

The American Voice, with ZEEDA & BEN at 8:00 pm EST. “The PC Police Mind Control”, DEMOCRATS ATTACK "ANTI-MUSLIM" SPEECH IN PROPOSED LEGISLATION H.R. 569 The slippery slope to destroy America’s First Amendment and prohibit all discussion of Islamic terrorism. This is nothing more than a rewrite of the Constitution to Sharia Law with the blasphemy Law.

All language control is thought control. The rise of modern political correctness (PC) is a great example of the cunning way in which social engineers such as the New World Order manipulators operate. Political correctness is soft censorship. It is intolerance disguised as tolerance. Political Correctness is Based on the Non-Existent “Right” to Not Be Offended.

We all have inherent rights unalienable, God-given, natural rights regardless of whether a nation’s government recognizes it or writes it down as law. What is the Definition of “Inherent Rights”? And Why Inherent Rights Matter. Join us at 8:00 pm EST.