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70: Why Am I Still Single? With Alex

70: Why Am I Still Single? With Alex

Today’s episode is about moving from being single to being in a relationship. I coach Alex on uncovering fears and limiting beliefs that can keep us from being in a relationship, or anything we truly want. When we desire something, and it does not manifest in our life, we have a tendency to blame ourselves, do a spiritual bypass, or mentally obsess about what we need to change and fix about ourselves to make it manifest. Often, these strategies do not work. What does work is taking a deep and honest look at why not having what we want, is actually what we want. Consciously we want something but there is a hidden fear or limiting belief, that is creating a block. For Alex, it was her fear of rejection. Not being in a relationship feels safer for her. It doesn’t matter how much she desires something, if part of her is scared to have it, it’s hard, if not impossible, to manifest it. This is very different approach than the dating advice we often hear. A relationship is not a symbolic trop