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  • 4 years ago

Sometimes I get scared. I don't mean the fear you get when you're driving in a freezing rain storm where the road has turned to ice and you finally realize that your decision to keep your all-season tires might have been a bad move. I mean the less tangible kind of fear. The 'what does the future hold' kind of fear.Normally, I'm a fairly laid back individual but I do have my moments where anxiety rears its ugly head. And even when I know I'm making a decision that needs to be made, the little voice in the back of my head creeps up and lingers. It's me and it's asking if I know what I'm doing.The answer is no, not really. Obviously, I know I'm moving to Toronto in a couple days. That part is tactile. I can experience it objectively and know it's happening. The ticket is bought. But what next? (great question, right Isaac?)Last year, when I moved to China I met a ton of excellent people who will hopefully remain my friends for life. One shared a theory that the thing all of us ex-pats ha