#470 - At Last I Am Free

#470 - At Last I Am Free

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#470 - At Last I Am Free
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One-Week Stand #470 - At Last I Am Free

- Fire! Orchestra "At Last I Am Free"
by our guest Matthieu Jouan from Citizen Jazz - https://www.citizenjazz.com/
- Isotope 217 "Meta Bass"
by Alex
- Brahja "Plutonian Ode"
by Laurent
- Ex Wiish "Like A Stone In Paper featuring Sophia Lucie"
by Nathalie
- Heather Leigh "Scorpio and Androzani"
by David
- Aksak Maboul "The Escape"
by Lucie
- Jaimie Branch "World War (Reprise)"
by Coline

photo by Christy Romanick


Playing tracks by Fire! Orchestra, Isotope 217, Brahja, Ex Wiish, Heather Leigh and more.