Mixtapes Ep. 2: Denise Cowle

Mixtapes Ep. 2: Denise Cowle

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Mixtapes Ep. 2: Denise Cowle
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Liv Cowle

Welcome to Mixtapes! A brand new show featuring one guest, the seven tracks they bring in and the accompanying stories. Featuring a Pre's Track, a Hidden Gem, a Love Song, a Throwback, an Off The Record, a Wind-Down and an All-Time Favourite, listen as my guests walk us through their music taste.

My guest this week is my very own Mum! Bringing with her a mix of George Michael, Del Amitri and Amy Winehouse, listen as we work through her playlist.


Playing tracks by Scissor Sisters, Del Amitri, I've Been Thinking About You, Duran Duran, One Love and more.