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1.Super Dragon Punch !!|Frame 2.Planetdamage|Regret Gunner|The Gothsicles Rx 3.die braut|Origins 4.Beyond Order|What Makes The World Go Round 5.For all the emptiness|Taking Back Control|Assemblage23 Rx 6.Cold Connection|Save Me Now 7.Imperative Reaction|Disavow|Ragnarök 9.Nature of Wires+MachinaX 10.Projekt Ich|Senses Thrilled feat. Munich Syndrome|Cyborgdrive Rx 11.Implant|Run To The Lights 12.Dreams Divide|Freedom 13.Arian1|Spend The Night|Die Braut Rx 14.Echo Image|Walk My Mind|Apoptygma Berzerk Rx 15.AESTHETISCHE|This Darkness 16.Form|you 17.Italoconnection|Now Or Never 18.White NoiseTV|Unheard Radio Waves|IgnaziousK Rx 19.Ego Bliss|Embrace 20.Yestergrey|Hopelessness 21.Vyrtual Zociety|Hologram 22.Veil Of Light|Nothing Was Wrong 23.Mind.Area|Bio Machines 24.gen-zx|Inside your mind|The Saint Paul Rx 25.Alien Skin|My Machine 26.CUBIC|L(Lima mix) 27.Piston Damp|Something In Me 28.Shiny Darkness|Like A Vampire


Playing tracks by Super Dragon Punch !!, Planetdamage, Die Braut, Beyond Order, For All The Emptiness and more.

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Jett Black

the track list shown above seems a bit confusing ... curious about the frequent appearance of "Rx" in so-many tracks listed here. Is there a theme here amid the actual music? or is this some crazy typographical error?