OSCILLATE by Jacques Greene

OSCILLATE by Jacques Greene

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OSCILLATE by Jacques Greene
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Will Ozanne presents a wonderfully jumbled mix that captures his unique style, while also acting as a constellation map for some of his key influences.

Referencing the ethereal Laurie Anderson and UK Garage as two areas of influence, Will comes across like a space age Chet Baker, gently crooning across the piano keys while sparse, post-dubstep beats keep time.

"I was going to make a straight up house mix, but then as usual I got restless and went all over the place", says Will, describing his mix. "So, it ended up being a mix featuring artists that have inspired me in the past and some who are inspiring me now. Towards the end of the mix I even joined the present and past in some weird mashup thing featuring Dizzee Rascal! Hope you enjoy the ride."


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DJ Gabriel Night

Track ID 51:00 please ?


sooo goood

DJ Gabriel Night

And the tune following at 34:00 ? ID ?

Thomas De Jongh

The tune in the 32nd minute???? so so good


Track names still show above on the Now playing track bar ;)

Robin Card

need to know the track at 00:20:00..NEED

Robin Card

Track at 22 minutes: WK7 - Do It Yourself.

Lara Groot

does anybody know from who the first track is?

Oli Flower

Jacques Greene - Ready

Josh Sinclair

any one know the track that comes in at '44 ?

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