Nuts And Bolts S5E4 Anja Lauvdal

Nuts And Bolts S5E4 Anja Lauvdal

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Nuts And Bolts S5E4 Anja Lauvdal
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Nuts And Bolts

In the last episode of this season, we talk to pianist Anja Lauvdal about the MS10 versus the MS20-mini, extraterrestrial encounters of the OP-1, and music production.

Norwegian pianist Anja Lauvdal has put her mark on many collaborative projects, such as Moskus, Broen and Skrap, with her playful and textural playing. The 2022 release ‘From A Story Now Lost,’ marks her first solo album. The album was produced by Berlin-based electronic musician Laurel Halo.

This episode was recorded, edited and mixed by Jessica Sligter, and made possible with support from Norsk Kulturfond. Picture by Tore Sætre.

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