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The dance of Forgiveness and Love

The dance of Forgiveness and Love

In Episode 4, I will to revisit the excerpt from Parker Palmer that I read at the end episode 3 and reflect on this notion of “holding the tension.” Especially, how does this notion play out in our lives, and how can we possibly hold the tension—or not?

Furthermore, how does this tension connect with the notion of self-love, and how do we reach that stage? There doesn’t seem to be any possible Love until we finally know ourselves. Yet that attitude can open up doors leading to significant breakthroughs.

Finally, how does Forgiveness and Love dance together, and who invites the other in the first place?

From Marion Woodman, the Pregnant Virgin

I cannot love anyone else if there isn’t any “I” to love. To the extent that I don’t know myself, I cannot love myself; and providing I don’t love myself, the love that I feel for others is most likely only a projection of my need to be accepted. I play a set role in order to be loved. I fear rejection. If no one loves me, I do not exist.