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Nova Caza

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nova Caza, real name Tim Niewenhuis, developed his interest in music at an early age, like many other DJs he started playing records at school- and birthday-parties. In 1990 he started working for a record company in order to keep work and passion close together. It wasn’t until 1992 that Tim started releasing his own music when his first record came out on the Dance Factory label. The track was titled ‘Rave The Bass’ and was released as DJ Spinoff, followed by his ‘Bull and a Virgin Project’ release titled ‘Alright Keep On Moving’.

Not being satisfied with what he had been doing until the Tim decided to get together with some of his friends and they started organizing ‘The Next Generation Parties’ in De Hoeve in Hoofddorp. During the early 90′s these parties featured a lot of DJ’s that would prove to be very big names, Tim played alongside Stacy Pullen, Marcello, Dimitri, Joost van Bellen and many more.