No Thing Considered 25: Simon Lott

No Thing Considered 25: Simon Lott

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No Thing Considered 25: Simon Lott

"NTC 25: Simon Lott" focuses on aspects of arrangement and performance in Cecil Taylor’s Unit Structures as well as in his long-lived duo with Tony Oxley. Also discussed are the ethics of semantics in musical performance and forms—and in the permeable boundary between tradition and innovation, albeit (necessarily) superficially. Featured are cuts from Lott’s triple-album release slated for 2020—Spirit Conjurer, Strange Seduction, and Memories (45:37; 56:02; 1:11:23). Works included by Skinny Puppy, Coil, Cecil Taylor, Greetje Bijma/Nora Mulder/Mary Oliver, Giorgio Gaslini, me (“No Chorus:” Kool Keith censor collage), Coki, Edward Ka-Spel, Negativland, and Leæther Strip.--Simon Lott is a professional drummer and experimental multi-instrumentalist noise artist.

Air date 7/9/20. (A draft broadcast 6/25/20.) The next guest feature program, “Techno Talkathon,” will include anonymous improvisations by several extremely talented artists, broadcasting in Sept.


Playing tracks by Skinny Puppy, Cecil Taylor, Coil, Ben Luton and Simon Lott, Greetje Bijma, Nora Mulder, and Mary Oliver and more.