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  • 5 years ago
Episode 1 – We have infinite women

Episode 1 – We have infinite women

Welcome to the first ever episode of the unfortunately named Not a Game podcast. Despite being poorly organised and distracted by screaming children, we manage to talk about Batman: Arkham Facepuncher, superhero games as a power fantasy, Kerbal Space Program, games with deliberately crap controls, the Oculus Rift porn game, Ride to Hell: Retribution as a reminder of how bad games can be, Cara's time as a playtester on GTA: 4, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified versus XCOM: Enemy Unknown and how brilliant Space Hulk is. Also at one point Cara gets a surprise Cornetto.

Cara zooms in obsessively with Space Hulk.
Tom's Space Hulk preview is in issue 256 of PC Gamer. Get it here.
Play Craig's game CryWankFace.
Play Cara's game Sacrilege.
Simon Parkin writes about Hot Coffee.
Cara's Ride to Hell: Retribution review drove her to actual tears.
We didn't say what Tom bought in the steam sale. He bought Rogue Legacy using other people's money.
Cara writes about Wicked Paradise for PC Games