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Norbert Honkisch

Berlin, Germany
Norbert was born in Poland, but he currently resides in Berlin. Already as a child he showed a great interest in music. He has performed with headlining Polish DJs on many occasions, as well as with international headliners at large events, such as Loveparade and Soundtropolis, to which he was invited. It is not enough for Norbert to play other peoples tracks, his own productions released by his label nh - records was immediately recognised, supported and remixed by high profile producers. For more info go to When Dj Siasia introduced them together - Norbert started to collab with polish based producer Marek "2pm" Gorski on his label (NH Records) library - their music symbiosis born many great releases like "Rainfall Of Happiness" remixed by Andreas Henneberg, beautifull "Daydreaming" for remix of "Tonight" for Matt Darey. More info

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