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Mainz, Germany

Hy I´m NoHa.
My Genre is Techno and I´m playing with a mixed Setup with Turntables ,CDJ ,Analog or Digital. In adition with a Laptop for using a TimeCode System.

Without "AUTO -SYNC -MAP -GAIN -LIMITER -..........................." Functions.
to keep mix controls almost like Analog Vinyl.
Get my Podcast for Free Downloading some of my Set´s:

I do Analog Vinyl & Digital Mixes and Produce electronic TECHNO Music@my HomeStudio.
For direkt Download of my last up to date DJ Mix Set got to:

Listen also to my produced Tracks @ Soundcloud :

I hope You have Fun and enjoy listening !!! For critics or likes leave a Comment !!!!

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Greetz NoHa
Ear Ya ;-)