nils frahm xmas mix 2015

nils frahm xmas mix 2015

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nils frahm xmas mix 2015
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happy christmas everyone!

thank you all for supporting us and our enterprises this year.
torsten and i would like to thank you with our annual collection of cheesy, moody, crackly music; which we hope will simulate your hearth, wherever you may be spending this dark and chilly season!
also as this is our 10th edition (time flies!) so share the love and the link!
have a great holiday, relax, reflect and as always, be nice!

with love,
nils and torsten

music selection and mix by nils frahm, artwork and foto by torsten posselt

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I listen to this every freaking year. Please what are those two back to back piano pieces right around the 22:00 mark? ♥️


This is wonderful thank you Nils... Thanks for sharing merry Christmas...


Another Smooth Mix!!

Mat Allen

Looking forward to this years mix.


super geil


these organs are killin me! selection on fleek!!!!!

Bogdan Paul

urgently eviscerate them!

Corvin Plutarco Rubio

Hola Nils, me gusta el mix. Welcher Beethoven ist das am Ende?

Claire Louise Carter

Beautiful mix - <3 <3

Pauline Bizarre

very nice! Danke Nils!

Down The Well with Timmmii


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