Italo Moderni hosted by Adrian Marth

Italo Moderni hosted by Adrian Marth

4 years ago
Italo Moderni hosted by Adrian Marth
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Adrian Marth, a truly synth lover, hosts a Podcast show called Italo Moderni. He asked me for a recording fueled by Italo and synth tracks... this is what I came up with. It has been a long time since I posted anything in Mixcloud, I've been busy and more busy I will be since I'm moving out from my estudio where all my recordings (the ones not live) has been done... new space, new chapter, new recordings will arise once I settle down in my new place. Being this a transition period, I don't have time to polish all the mixes like I wish so apologies for that... ONLY VINYL as always :)


Playing tracks by Intro, 4 M International, We Love Dolce Vita, WLDC, Marvin & Guy and more.


Adrian Marth

Gems gems gems!!!!!!!! Gracias Guajeeeee!