Explosion Sound System Mix for NiceUp

Explosion Sound System Mix for NiceUp

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Explosion Sound System Mix for NiceUp
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Explosion Sound System, Northern Ireland’s heavyweight Dub Kings, are a Belfast-based collective who have been promoting reggae and dub alongside sound system culture for nearly 20 years.

The crew represent a mix of both classic and upfront modern reggae, roots and dub in a conscious style.

'This mix was recorded in our studio in Belfast on a cold afternoon.
A few of the crew got together and selected some of our favourite songs that we have been listening to lately. We set up the sirens and FX, locked the door, lit the fire and ran the tape...'

Positive sounds, heavyweight bass pressure and upfull vibrations guaranteed.

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    65th in the dub Chart


Moss Finley

BoOm! much appreciated for the ID 🙏🏻

Moss Finley

Feeling this selection... much gratitude.

Can I get a tack ID for the song playing from around 6:30 onwards... "When I gunna get my freedom". It was the score to a beautiful moment for me.